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Who is Poppy?

Poppy is a sweet and spoiled lab mix who inspired the original owner to create this store in 2008. 
What Poppy wants, Poppy gets; his amazing taste inspires us all!

~ FAQs ~

Do you have clothes for theme parties? 

Oh yes! Who doesn’t want to look like Marilyn Monroe or a Mod Squad girl for the night?  We’ve heard it all ~ Great Gatsby, The Godfather, Rock~n~Roll, Beatles, Mad Men, cowgirl/country. Have you been invited to a theme wedding lately? 

We have dresses and many accessories which are available for rental as well.

Where do you get all your cowboy/girl boots? 

Montana, of course.  Some are consigned as well.  Many of these boots have been worn by real cowboys/girls with stories to tell.  They have fancy names like Tony Lama, Nocona, Lucchese, Justin, Durango, Frye.....

Do you have clothing for men?

Sure- guys like parties too.  We have leather and biker jackets.  Poppy sells berets and cowboy hats.  We have even made Marin men groovy with our 70’s shirts.

Do you have gift certificates available?

Certainly!  This is the perfect way to give your friend or special someone a shopping spree.

We’ll send them home feeling fabulous and fashionable.

Is there anything else I should know about Poppy’s?

We probably have Marin’s largest selection of beaded and vintage evening purses.

We can fulfill wishes.  One lovely lady wanted a Louis Vuitton wallet while another desired Chanel silvertone earrings and we found both.  Let us know what you are searching for.